Herdenking 2014

Diverse fotoseries, video en toespraken van de herdenkingen.
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– aankomst en ontvangst ZM Koning Willem-Alexander
– kranslegging
– ontvangst veteranen in het Informatiecentrum
– boottocht veteranen met NOS
– historische oversteek bij Drielse veer
– uitreiking oorkondes in RK-kerk
– concert in RK-kerk

– video Lt. Colonel R. Ford

– Voorzitter St Driel-Polen, dhr. A. Baltussen
– Burgemeester van Overbetuwe, dhr. Van Asseldonk
– Minister van Defensie, mevr. Hennis-Plasschaert


We lost a Friend

TonyHibbertOn 12 October 2014, at age 96, Major Tony Hibbert passed away. He was a British Army officer who fought in World War II.
His military career lasted from 1935 until 1947. He was involved in the defense operation at Dunkirk and served during the Battle of France, the North African and Italian campaigns and Operation Market Garden. He was also leader of Operation Eclipse, which was conducted in the final days of the war in Europe. After completing his military service he remained a veteran activist. He visited the Netherlands every year and gave lectures dedicated to the battle of Arnhem.

Early in 2006, Tony was told about the Dutch Government’s intention to rehabilitate the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade and it’s commander General Sosabowski.
Immediately he started ,together with Sir Brian Urquhart, a campaign which resulted in a monument that, as he described it ” will stand as a permanent testament of the admiration and gratitude which we hold for Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski and for our gallant Polish comrades, without whose courage and fighting spirit, the remnants of the 1st British Airborne Division could not have escaped”.
The Sosabowski Memorial was unveiled by Dr. Hal Sosabowski in September 2006. Again through the efforts of Tony in September 2007 a bronze plaque with an explanatory text was added to the Sosabowski Memorial.

He and his gracious deeds will remain in our memory.

Opening informatiecentrum

Onder grote publieke belangstelling is donderdag 18 september het Informatiecentrum: De Polen van Driel geopend.

De officiële openingshandeling werd verricht door de Poolse ambassadeur zijne excellentie de heer Dr. J. Borkowski., door middel van het doorknippen van het lint..