Partners Foundation Driel-Polen

Airborne Commemoration Foundation

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Netherlands, The Hague

6th Airborne Brigade, Poland

Municipality of Overbetuwe

Partners Information Centre: The Poles of Driel

The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum, London

Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’, Oosterbeek

Information Centre: Battle of Arnhem

The General Maczek Museum, Breda

The Historic Community, Driel

The Archive Province of Gelders, Arnhem

RC Parish St.Benedictus, Driel

Sponsor Information Centre: The Poles of Driel

The vfonds (National funds for Peace, Freedom and care for Veterans)

The VSBfonds

The Project Bevrijdingstoerisme

Province of Gelders

The Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

Municipality of Overbetuwe

Walking tours

Poland March, Driel

Airborne March, Oosterbeek

Tourist information

Foundation Airborne feelings

Foundation Liberation Route Europe

RBT KAN (tourist organisation)

VVV, Arnhem

VVV, Renkum

VVV, Overbetuwe

Other information:

Polen in Beeld / Poland portraited

Foundation Commemorating & Celebrating the Liberation of Breda