A word of welcome during the unveiling of the bust of General Sosabowski
Remco Janssen Chef Cabinet Overbetuwe
18 September 2020

General Grodzki, Mayor, ladies and gentlemen

Welcome to this short solemn ceremony in which we will unveil the bust of Major General Sosabowski here on this park at the junction of Vogelenzangsestraat with Baltussenweg. This bust was made by artist Martin Abspoel also present here. From this place, thank you very much Martin for this beautiful bust and a pleasant cooperation in the realization of it.

The mayor will tell you in her speech in a moment why the bust is placed here. The bust will then be unveiled by Mr. Hanno Krijgsman and Mrs. Cecile de Boer with a brief explanation. Both are councilors of Overbetuwe. The initiative for placing the bust comes from the council of Overbetuwe. For that reason they will unveil the bust on behalf of the municipal council. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, it has been decided not to be present today with the full municipal council. Hopefully there will be an opportunity next year at the 77th anniversary where they can visit this bust together with representatives of the Sosabowski family.

After the unveiling, Brigadier General Grodzki will place a flower arrangement near the bust. A bust that is flanked today by the ensign of the Polish 6th Brigade with the banner of the Knight Military Order of William.

After the laying of the flowers, a speech by Mr. Arno Baltussen of the Driel-Polen Foundation will follow and we will conclude this ceremony. I would like to request that you stand up and go outside the gates as directed by me and my colleagues.