Angels of Peace

This war took away six years of life.
Some were only in their teens
When it came and changed their whole lives.

Some tried to face it,
But it was too strong
And they never came back.

It took with it those
Whose only fault was their faith.
Then it took those
Who tried to save them.

The war turned cities into ruins
And left people in despair.

The falling September leaves
Drifting gently in the Arnhem sky
Tell us the story of the brave
British and Polish soldiers.

They came down on their white
Parachutes like angels of peace
To stop the most cruel of all wars
And bring us freedom.

The price of their courage
And sacrifice was high:
Their blood and their lives,
But it was not a waste.

They will stay in our hearts,
Forever reminding us of
How they came and changed fate.

Amelia Kaczmarek ,2a
Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 21 im. Marii Skłodowskiej–Curie, Łódź

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