Tadeusz S. Roy-Rojewski ‘s “Memorial Day” poem

by 3 participants to the Airborne International Youth Conference at the end of the wreathlaying
Polish Karolina Pieniawska
English Jasper Hekking
Dutch Steve Zwarts


These Memorial Days become more precious to us
As we grow older…
We remember the crosses at Arnhem
Our steadfast determination, our struggles
And although the years go by, nothing can shroud
Those difficult but oh so meaningful days,
Intensely filled with hope, keen on retaliation,
While our hearts sheltered a vital warmth
The smile of sincere soldierly love
That shone like gold, like a bright sword
Radiantly on our beloved Brigade.

The evil spirit of the ‘sinister lights’ could not reach us
Amid such gleaming radiance,
And no evil could rob us of our
Pure deeds, because we soldiers
Had put our lives on the line
Not declaiming deeds of great valour
But while jumping to the flood plains at Arnhem
We saw below us the broad meadows of
Our fatherland. In the blasts of the battle
We hoped to find the way home.

Let us today raise our sparkling glasses
So they can shine on our Memorial Day,
Let us observe a minute’s silence in honour of the man
Who proudly bore the visor,
Who met with adversity rather than praise
Let us turn our hearts to our general,
And place whispers of winged thoughts
Upon his grave – flowers of gratitude!

Brothers! – Memorial Day. As we age
We dream of a series of Memorial Days to come!

Tadeusz S. Roy-Rojewski