Speech Dr. Hal Sosabwoski
Good afternoon, Prime Ministers Excellencies, Secretary of State of Defence, , Madam Burgomaster, Esteemed Veterans, citizens of the municipality, honoured guests.

On behalf of my family I am so delighted to be addressing you on the 65th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden. 65 years ago my great grandfather led his men into Holland to fight the righteous fight, foreign soil for them when they had been trained to fight in homeland and dreaming of assisting fighting in Warsaw. I am continually amazed at the kind gratitude of the people of Holland in general and the citizens of Driel in particular. Much has changed with regard to the memory of the Brigade and General Sosabowski in recent years. Notably the kind and generous award of the Order of William to the Brigade and the Bronze Lion to the General, my great grandfather, by her Majesty Queen Beatrix on behalf of the Dutch Nation on 31st May 2006.

I need to make two thank-you’s.

On this 65th anniversary I would like to note the Herculean efforts of many many people in the municipality to keep the memory of General Sosabowski alive. I also need to note the work of Tony Hibbert and Brian Urquhart in achieving the same to assist in restoring his good name.
And this thanks must also go to the citizens of this municipality. One person in particular is worthy of particular note, and I need to do that now. A man who has tirelessly over the years stepped up to modestly and quietly organise and make arrangements for events such as this, never seeking anything in return. These events run annually as efficiently as they do because of him.. I am speaking of course about Arno Baltussen, and later on this day I will present Arno on behalf of my family signed copies of the General’s autobiographies as gifts from Hal Sosabowski, Jeremy Sosabowski, Stan Sosabowski and Michael Sosabowski For now can I ask you to symbolicly acknowledge the effort of the municipality by applauding Arno for his herculean efforts.

I would like to end on a personal note and say something to the veterans.

We won’t forget what you did. We can never ever repay our debt to you, but for now on behalf of a whole generation and as father of two children myself; We are free because of your courage and your selflessness and sacrifice, and you never asked anything in return. Please accept the last two words of my speech as a symbolic offer to you;

thank you!