This was your last descent, General.
The embrace of wind pulled you out
With energy, grandeur and speed
And a special quickening of heart.

A thread of life was freed inside
Your parachute, now… a redundant disc
In a space mounting over your head.
Alas, you see your clear goal ahead.

Strong winds are filling the canopy
Stretching its every seam and gore.
In the harness of lines you float below
Like in the shaft of the rays of hope.

In such a night of silence and calm
You landed on the edge of dark meadows
To feel the precious touch of the land
You have longed for and dreamt so much.

The road to Warsaw is now yours
The shortest and simplest to cherish
You do your marching as if you took wings
To the city that has never perished.

(Eugeniusz ROMISZEWSKI London 1967)

(General Sosabowski died in London on 25th September 1967.
His ashes were buried at the Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw on the 14th October 1967)
(Translated from Polish origin be Krystyna CARTER, London 1997)
– Voorgedragen door Anna Sundstedt..